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MM Updates from Brazil and Europe!

Great reports and photos posted on the EAMM – European Association’s website!

Just click on the blue links to open the pdf files!  The stories and the photos are unbelievable!

Haras 8 Virtudes – the Versatility of the MM   In German, but the photos show Working Equitation, dressage, western, vaulting, and jumping with great Marchador stallions.

Castles of the Loire – Mangalarga Marchador ride The Marchador stallions look right at home in front of these castles.  A ride with Dieter, Astrid and Agro Maripa.

CHIO 2012 – Marchador/Brazil Opening Ceremony  An international competition week in Aachen Germany.  The EAMM Sela de Ouro was also held there this week.  During CHIO:  360,000 visitors during the week, 50,000 visitors in the jumping arena where the opening ceremony took place, 82 Million TV viewers from all over the world

A Visit to Brazil! 2011 Report  Great photos and stories!  Just like it was yesterday!