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MM DNA Testing!

Summerwind Marchadors has the DNA  results for most of our Marchadors!   Fascinating!

b698fa_092bb8575c9a8b9d873506d8ca8da0a0Our DNA – genetic analysis was done  by Heather Holl, of Etalon Diagnostics Lab, CA who was looking for more samples for her study to develop a new genetic test to prove parentage.   Along with contributing to her research project, we got a full report on each horse.  It is exciting!

From a breeding standpoint, we can report now on many of our Marchadors characteristics!

Of particular interest to us is the “gait” gene DMRT3.   This is one of the genes identified that is involved with horses that gait laterally. However, it does not perfectly describe horses that possess a diagonal gait.   Indeed some of best horses do not display this gene.  Additionally, this DMRT3 gene has been found in trotting horse breeds.   So, current thinking is that perhaps this gene describes a horse that would rather stay in gait instead of transitioning up into canter, which is why now, it is sometimes described as “loss of canter”.

195b6c9d6dc180f25150928a54e59a6cBecause DMRT3 is not “THE gait gene” as so many describe it, Summerwind Marchadors is also supporting the Equine Genetics Research lab at UF, Gainesville.   This project is headed by Dr. Laura Patterson Rosa,  testing for gait gene secrets in OUR Marchador breed.  For more information or to contribute to their research,  follow this link: http://www.neighdna.com/gait.html

We will start adding this information to our horse’s pages on the website, but here is the summary report on John’s gelding Artemis do Summerwind, as an example of the information we have now on every horse.

Genetic Profile Test Results Horse: Artemis Do Summerwind Owner: John Kelley

Disease: NONE

Color:  Aa, ee, G/n, nd1/nd2, W20/n

Traits:  GG (curiousity), TT (Endurance Type), DMRT3/DMRT3

Disease: Artemis Do Summerwind has not tested positive for any recessive disease alleles on this panel.

A new discovery test for West Nile indicates he may be more susceptible to West Nile.  A new discovery test for a Subfertility gene indicates 2 alleles are present.  In male horses, 4 alleles present may mean they have lower rates of foal production.

Coat Color: Artemis Do Summerwind has two Red alleles and no Black, indicating his base coat color appears Red. One copy of the Dominant Agouti allele was detected; invisible on a Red base (it pushes/restricts Black out to points; legs, ear tips, etc. appearing Bay). One Grey allele was detected which may result in greying of the entire coat (possibly appearing White at maturity). One Dominant White 20 allele was also detected which may result in White markings.

His DNA also tested on a discovery platform to indicate he is heterozygous for non-Dun pimitive markings and there may pass it 50% to his offspring.

As a result of the allele count in each of the following, he has a minimum 100% chance of passing Red and 50% Dominant Agouti and 50% Grey and/or Dominant White 20 to any offspring.

His DNA also tested on a discovery platform to indicate he is heterozygous for non-Dun pimitive markings and there may pass it 50% to his offspring.

Traits:  Artemis testing has indicated the presence of 2 DMRT3 alleles and he may therefore, pass it 100% to his offspring.  2 Curiosity genes (100%) were detected.  He is likely more curious than vigilant.   2 Endurance alleles (100%) were detected; he is likely more distance than Sprint.

Artemis do Summerwind and John
Artemis do Summerwind and John