AZ Alan Villaca Clinic

Hosted by the USMMA and Summerwind Marchadors, the clinic ran Feb 14th to 16th at Silver Stables, Phoenix, AZ. Silver Stables also provided many of the Marchadors shown and used at the clinic.

The weather was good. The food was good. The horses worked hard for different riders! Alan Villaca was outstanding, just a wealth of information and exercises to use with our Marchador horses.

After the day of videos and the breed characteristics, we practiced – evaluating conformation, angles and proportions of our Marchadors at the clinic. or there at Silver Stables.

Clinic attendees asked questions in writing before the clinic, asked during the clinic and Alan answered them all and not with generalities but with answers to each specific owner and rider as he got to know them and their horse.

He taught four exercises that would improve the marcha focused on correct bend and disassociation of the legs. When the horse was supple enough, then he added the impulsion to go. On some horses, the most comfortable marcha was found at a slower speed and some at a faster speed.

Each rider was asked to perform the exercises on different horses and it was surprising to see what Alan made look so easy, was very hard. We appreciated learning things we could practice and home. And we appreciated his sharing and skill.

We will be planning another clinic and possible show for next year and hope to have this become an annual event in our Marchador calendar.

Marchador Trip in Planning – Fall 2024

We are planning a trip to visit the Marchadores del Uruguay! It is the farm that exported frozen semen to us from Atrevido do Porto Palmeira (bay tobiano) and we are planning to import frozen semen from a buckskin stallion too.

They have lovely Marchador horses to enjoy – either riding or just exploring our relationship with horses and what they can teach us.

Daniela and Ben are the hosts, allowing guests to live with horses, nature, explore food and well-being. Here are some of the experiences and workshops they offer:

  • Horseback riding in search of our self
  • Trail toward the peace of mind
  • Food to take care of us
  • Exploring the Equine / Human Frontier
  • Mother – Daughter and Horses
  • My Marchador

We will also tour some of Uruguay and probably add some stops in Brazil as well to see old friends or perhaps a competition.

If you are interested in coming, please email or text Lynn Kelley or 602-999-3915.

Checking on dates , flights and planning the itinerary now, but planning for October / November of 2024.

Dates for 2024 Summer Camps

Silver Stables Summer Camp Hosted by Summerwind Marchadors, Pagosa Springs, CO

Limited space available please reach out to reserve. Dj Sims Kline, instructor (623) 414-1774

June 10-12 (Full)

June 24-26

July 8-10 (FULL)

July 15-17 (ADVANCED ONLY)

July 29-31

August 5-7

August 19-21

Azenha de Maripa 2001-2024

When I first saw Azenha, she took my breath away. Her movement and spirit were instantly apparent. Azenha was imported from Fazenda Santarem, a magical place in Brazil. We went there for another mare – a daughter of Festa A.J. Although Dr. Olavo Monteiro had bought her at auction, Azenha was bred by Marcelo Baptista, Agro Maripa. Years later, Marcelo tracked her down wanting her back and he found her with us in the U.S.

Azenha was not offered to us at first as an option to buy – until that first mare did not respond to the treatment required to ship. LUCKY ME! I loved her. She was only three years old and barely started under saddle, with the hot brand mark still showing on her shoulder.

We imported 9 Mangalarga Marchadors that year, with many of the mares pregnant. Azenha was not one of the pregnant ones, but we bred her to imported stallion La Paz Jivago to produce her first foal. Beethoven do Summerwind, a beautiful buckskin.

Azenha always surprised us at how well she would take care of her riders – throughout her life. One time we took my whole family out on a trail ride. It could have been a train wreck. John rode Azenha in front and this forward, go mare, walked calmly and carefully picking her way and making sure her flock was with her. On the dirt road home, when we knew we had made it, John cantered her up to the arena and got off – only to find the saddle slip as it was not cinched tight.

She had so much presence and potential, we sent her off to become an ambassador of the Mangalarga Marchador breed in endurance, as a demo horse and more. Before she left to compete, Azenha was our choice for our first experiment in creating frozen embryos and we made four embryos as a precaution.

Only one of the embryos was successful, creating Hemingway do Summerwind, so Azenha returned home to become a breeding mare in our barn. We wanted more babies from her! And we made sure we kept some these babies in the Summerwind program – some with frozen semen.

Her foals:

Hawke, Hemingway, Leia, North Star and Qiara do Summerwind

Her grandchildren:

Kharisma, Kadencia and Qupid do Summerwind

Que-Pasa de Harvest Meadows

Her great grandson: Roronoa do Summerwind

I see her beauty and spirit in her offspring. Her legacy will live on through them.

In her last years, she was cared for by Silver Stables producing her last 2 foals with their stallion Jedi-Knight do Summerwind and used as a lesson horse in their youth program. Thank you Elizabeth for your loving care.

2024 SW Marchador Calendar!

You can order your calendar now.  Mailing in time for the New Year!

Four Summerwind and Future Foal Breeder Calendars to Choose from!

1.  Inspirational Marchadors and  Quotes    Our non-profesional photos from 2023 with friends and family included!  Oversized calendar with photos of beautiful Marchador horses, and the people who love them.

2. Summerwind and Future Foal Stallions – Oversized calendar of the Summerwind stallions we offer,  and sometimes, also the ones where we are expecting to import frozen semen.

3.  Summerwind and Future Foal mares –  Oversized calendar of the mares in our breeding program.

4.  Summerwind and Future Foal Foals – Oversized calendar of all of our foals when they were babies.   We name our foals with the letters of the alphabet so in there are letters A – R.   

If you want multiple calendars, please contact me to get correct shipping –  I can ship two or three calendars for the same amount.

We hope you will love them!

$25 plus shipping and handling 



Some of the Marchador photos from the calendars!

Stallion Calendar

Mare Calendar

Foal Calendar