SW Update – SW Wins and Clinic Results!

While the main reason for holding the clinic was our education, the format was fun and exciting.   Evaluations by the judges was very informative and helpful.   We did learn a LOT!  Thank you Kate and Tiago!

A blue ribbon for Connie and Leo!

The Trail Ride – 1st place went to Aline Greene of Saint Horse Marchadors, SC on Erva-Doce de Tesouro.

Conformation and Marcha – 1st place stallion to Bill and Sandy Kambic of Haras Lucero, TN with Ritmo A.J.

1st place mare to Bill and Sandy Kambic of Haras Lucero, TN with Aliane Fazenda Zouga.  Aliane was bred in Brazil by Rick Schatz, then Fazenda Zouga, now in the U.S. breeding as Flying Oaks Ranch, OK who also was at the clinic.

1st place gelding to Connie Claire, our clinic organizer, of Ocala, FL with Leo, aka DaVinci do Summerwind, bred by us.

Jeff showing his winning form on Bacara! Whew - it was close!

Functional Test – 1st place won by Jeff Bosley of SW Future Foal @ Lumber Bridge on his mare, Bacara do Summerwind, bred by us.

For many participants, this was the first time they had ever done this!  The riders and horses were learning fast, but there was only time for one run.

Grand Champion – Combining all of the scores over all three days, this was awarded to Jeff Bosley of SW Future Foal @ Lumber Bridge with Bacara do Summerwind.

Almost every person and horse earned a ribbon!  There were quite a few Marchadors just started under saddle so we were all impressed by how well they behaved.   As Tiago would say “You can see, this is a real Mangalarga Marchador!”

Congratulations to everyone!  It was a great accomplishment!

The awards ceremonies were on Sunday, a great finale!







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