Brazilian Breeder Visit – Welcome Haras Avena!

A business and touring visit, Summerwind Marchadors and Future Foal breeders will present their Mangalarga Marchador horses during a traveling barn tour for Carlos Avena from Haras Avena, BR.

img_7420Summerwind and Future Foal plan to  import this stallion frozen semen in 2016/2017. For those breeders who want to love tobiano horses, we heard you!   More tobiano genetics are needed to cross with the few tobiano Marchadors here in the U.S.

We seek to  import frozen semen from superior and championship level Marchador stallion semen to build genetic diversity and improve future generations of Marchador horses here in North America.   All of our selected Marchador stallions are proven producers in Brazil.

The barn tours are open to the public!  Please come to meet a Marchador!

Here is the proposed schedule.  RSVP to 602-999-3915 to get more information, directions and updates if the schedule changes.

Saturday November 5, 2016

3:00 p.m.    Adrienne Scheck presenting MM mare Gaia do Summerwind.   Area is North Scottsdale, off Dynamite Blvd.

4:00 p.m.   Jeff and Michelle Bosley presenting MM mares and gelding:  Bacara do Summerwind, Elba Cruzalta, Hallelujah do Summerwind, Tigre do Summerwind.  Area is Rio Verde, off 136 St.

Sunday  November 6, 2016

10:00 a.m.    Lynn and John Kelley, Summerwind Marchadors and other Future Foal breeders presenting MM mares Bossa Nova de Miami, Brasilia do Summerwind, Isabelle do Great Lakes and geldings Artemis do Summerwind, Caboclo da Piedade, Koyote Libertas and Hawke do Summerwind.   Area is Rio Verde, at OutWest Stallion Station.

4:00 p.m   Elizabeth and D.J Sims, Silver Stables along with other Future Foal breeders presenting MM mares  Gralha M.U.G., Azenha de Maripa,  MM gelding Seamus da Boa Fe and MM stud colts Jedi-Knight do Summerwind and K** do Summerwind, newborn.  Area is North Phoenix off Carefree Highway.