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Jennifer Jeung visited Silver Stables to capture the young Summerwind foals – with the help of Adrienne and Elizabeth! We love babies!

Qiara do Summerwind – Jedi-Knight do Summerwind x Azenha de Maripa

Qupid do Summerwind – Violeiro do Riomar x Leia do Summerwind

Qyra do Summerwind – Arun de Maripa x Luna do Summerwind

Great photos! Here is a sneak peak.

Welcome to the Q babies!

The first to arrive came on Valentine’s Day and the night after! Meet Qiara and Qupid do Summerwind!

Born to Azenha de Maripa (x Jedi-Knight do Summerwind) and Azenha’s daughter Leia do Summerwind (x Violeiro do Riomar).

Both babies are reserved – one staying in AZ and one headed for CA eventually. Many Summerwind foals stay with us for a period of time after weaning for training and inspection.

We are looking forward to 4 more Q babies in 2022! The next are due to arrive in April!

Summerwind provides the first ABCCMM inspection for the foals where the foals prove parentage, are checked by a Brazilian inspector for genetic defects and microchipped. The foals that pass are eligible for the definitive inspection at age 3 and older which is under saddle.