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Marchadors Join Up with PBR Nashville and PBR Las Vegas!

SW Future Foal offers imported frozen semen from these Brazilian Marchador stallions – Oma de Maripa and Arun de Maripa from Agro Maripa, a Brazilian Saddle Horse Project partner.

Sponsored by the ABCCMM and APEX’s Brazilian Saddle Horse Project, and supported by the USMMA (North American Marchador Association), the Brazilians invite you to meet their National Horse too!

Would you like to meet a Marchador?

The Brazilians are showcasing the Mangalarga Marchador,  the National Horse of Brazil, at 2 events with the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) September 5-6 in Nashville TN and October 22-26 in Las Vegas NV.    Two great entertainment cities, this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Meet Brazilian representatives, Brazilian breeders and your local Marchador breeders at both events!   For more information on the PBR events, please visit their website or contact us!

Summerwind and SW Future Foal (the people, not our Marchador horses) from all locations will be there in Las Vegas!   FIND US AT THE PRIEFERT ARENA  and the THOMAS MACK ARENA!

Artemis do Summerwind at SW Future Foal

The Marchador  has been bred for over 200 years in Brazil to be the ultimate saddle horse.   The ABCCMM (Brazilian association)  inspection process and breed standard determine the exact conformation, angles, height and gait that make the Marchador a pleasant and comfortable horse to ride that is also elegant, beautiful and with an excellent temperament.  There are 23 measurements taken during the course of inspection and the horse is ridden by a certified technician that is also a veterinarian.    The Marchador has been kept and treasured in Brazil all this time, where the breed numbers over 400,000 horses.

The Marchador has been here in North America since the early 1990s, but the population is  small, less than 300.  Most of the Marchadors here are derived from the 70 or so that were originally imported from Brazil.  

That may be about to change as the Marchador makes its entry onto the world stage!