SW Update – More Good Stuff – February 2012

Want to meet a Marchador and Summerwind?  Here are the events where you can!  Will we see you there?


  • March 17 ACTHA ride, McDowell Mountain Park, Fountain Hills, AZ
  • April 20-22 MM Clinic, Florida Horse Park, Ocala FL
  • June 30 to July 3 MM Sela de Ouro and CHIO horse show, Aachen, Germany

Contact us if you need more information on any of these events sent to you.



  • SW Future Foal horse photos and Katie and Megan’s visit in February.  Click on this link below:


We are dressing up in Irish Green for the ACTHA ride!  Be sure to watch for those pictures in March!

Green for the horses for the ACTHA ride



More videos of pure Mangalarga Marchadors from Agro Maripa were posted in February.   Experience the Maripa bloodline with your eyes!



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