SW Update – Marchadors Ride the Alps!

This is truly a breed without frontiers!  Please open the articles to see the fabulous scenery of the ride!  240 km in 7 days from Germany to Italy!  Is this a ride you would like to be on?

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Marchador Alps

Marcelo and Sophia Baptista are the owners and breeders of Agro Maripa.  They are great riders, adventurers and more like scientists in their research to produce a great Marchador sport horse.   They have been breeding Marchadors for over 30 years in Brasil.   These two stallions, Patek and Urano are both sons of Oma de Maripa, whose frozen semen we have here in the U.S.

Oma de Maripa, sire of Patek and Urano de Maripa, now in Europe. Frozen semen from Oma de Maripa is available here in the U.S.!

From the article:

“One more time we set ourselves in another adventure with our horses Patek and Urano de Maripa. This time we crossed the Alps with our friends Astrid oberniedermayr and Dieter Mader, both riding Ourofino El Far, another Marchador stallion.  Since the horses are based in Morlenbach, Germany, taking part in the ABCCMM’s  Vitrine of the Mangalarga Marchador Project, and due to the exceptional performance of Patek’s and Urano’s on the Santiago Way ride in Spain (May 2011), we have decided to test them again.

We left Lechbruck, Bavaria, South of Germany, on a rainy and cold, (9 C) morning, May 13th, 2012. Seven days and 240km later we arrived in Castel Iuval, Northern Italy, where we ended our trip. We rode through Oberammergau, Lermoos, Imst, Lafairs, Reschen, Laas.  

Once more our horses bet themselves proving ail their resilience, courage, docility, providing us with great pleasure during the whole trip. They have not only improved our repertoire but also enriched our genetics knowledge.” – Sophia Baptista, Agro Maripa


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