Marchador Saddle Pad

The Horseshoe M brand is the recognized symbol for the Mangalarga Marchador world-wide.   The brand is applied by the ABCCMM (Brazilian association) on all Marchadors that pass inspection.




Dana of Nicker’s Saddlery is making a new saddle pad with the Marchador M brand logo prominently, yet elegantly displayed.

The Marchador Saddle Pad will be made similar. This is the FIRST prototype! Since then, we have rounded the swallow-tail edge.


The pad has a core of waffle weave material. The pad construction is very breathable and high quality materials, suitable for any saddle, including treeless.    There is a zipper  in a strategically placed location  to allow shims if needed.  The wear guard is synthetic, so it washes well.

Saddle pads will come in a choice of colors eventually.   However, this early in production, we are offering just black and white.  The M brand logo will be in the traditional RE

Pre-order yours today!   Pricing will be right around $200.