Introducing Cachaca – a new idea for SW

During the May visit to Brazil, we agreed to purchase 50% of a young Marchador mare in Brazil.  We invested in Cachaca de Tres Coracoes, a new farm and breeder for us, on this visit.    It’s a new idea for us and we decided to try it and hope that it may appeal to others as well.

We thought there are at least a few strong benefits to the idea:

  • Brazil’s horse market is stronger  than the U.S.  There is potential to make money selling her embryos there in Brazil.
  • We can also, if we choose,  freeze ship embryos from her to the U.S.

Obviously, we don’t know how it will work yet, but we are optimistic and excited about following this line of thinking!

If you would like to partner with us on Cachaca or another Marchador in Brazil, please give us a call!     We can work with you, or just put you in touch with the coordinator of the Brazilian Saddle Horse Project in Brazil!

To see more of Cachaca – photos and her genetics, please visit her website page: