Fidalgo do Summerwind – SOLD!

Fidalgo meeting another MM owner and horse lover, Dr. Adrienne Scheck soon after his arrival in AZ.

Starting a new chapter in his life, Fidalgo found a new home with Debra Rowley from TX and CO.   Debra intends to take him into western dressage and also hunter-pace events that are popular in her area.   Debra and we share a common friend and trainer, Ned Leigh of Ned Leigh Equine Focus and Fidalgo may also spend time with him while in AZ.   It won’t take long for this lovely Marchador to find a place in her heart.

Fidalgo means “nobly born” or “aristocrat” in Portuguese, a gentleman.   He is all of that.   Raised as a stallion until now, he was always gentle, kind and people-oriented.

It is not often that Summerwind offers adult horses for sale and Fidalgo returned to AZ  on September 18th to give his former owner Lynn Boone more money, more time and more energy to fight cancer.    Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Fidalgo was born 1-11-11, a sign we thought, and  he was always special.  He is the son of Brasilia do Summerwind and La Paz Jivago.   Not a coincidence, Fidalgo’s sire was also trained and shown in Western Dressage.

Here are some videos of his early years at Summerwind.