Arun de Maripa

Owned and Bred by Agro Maripa, SP, Brazil   Imported Frozen Semen       In 2019, only 7 insemination doses in inventory.

Arun de Maripa

Stud fee:  $1500 per insemination dose
Date of Birth: December 2009
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Color: Black Bay
Gait: Marcha Batida
Height: 15 H
Registry: ABCCMM, Approved for breeding

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Arun de Maripa, frozen semen available.
Arun de Maripa!

Arun and Fole de Maripa add Favacho and Tabatinga blood to the traditional Maripa mares and it’s a winning combination!   Beautiful, strong and perhaps an improvement in the marcha gait, as their sire Favacho Diamante adds that to his progeny.  Favacho Diamante is an Elite stallion, with his offspring still winning in the show ring in Brazil.

Arun de Maripa with his owner and breeder.
Arun de Maripa with his owner and breeder.

Black is beautiful!  I have loved him since I saw him as a yearling colt.

Arun has a willing, calm temperament that makes him appear to have many more miles and years than he actually has.   It is his sweetness that attracts me the most.   He is very smooth to ride, especially if he is allowed to relax his head and stretch out a little more.

Very close to being full brothers, both Arun and Fole offer proven genetics and bring some new diversity to North America.


Just starting under saddle:

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