SW Update – 2012 SW Awards Program

About the Program

Bossa Nova de Miami in the 2002 Rose Bowl Parade
Bossa Nova de Miami, a SW mare, 2002 Rose Bowl Parade

SW Awards recognize your efforts to promote this awesome Marchador breed using a Summerwind Marchador (bred, sold or imported).  Getting our horses out into the limelight in national or local all-breed events is not only fun, it helps others to see the quality, versatility and performance of the MM breed.  Any horse purchased from Summerwind, their foals or the product of a breeding from or to a Summerwind horse is eligible.

Cash and Prize Awards – Awards are based on points earned between January 1 and December 31 of that year.

Cash Awards 1-4 Points 5-10 Points Over 10 Points
Rider Logo Shirt * $50 $100
Breeder Logo Shirt * $100 $200
Owner Logo Shirt * $250 $500
2011 SW Award winners: Beethoven do SW & owner Laurie Klassen, All Breed Gaited Show

* Logo Shirt or equivalent from Land’s End.  Summerwind Logo or M brand Logo.

NOTE: The points are calculated with one point for completing an event.  An additional point will be granted if the horse finished in the top three.  An additional point is also granted for every 25 miles if the event is endurance or competitive trail.  Four H and local shows count as well as nationally sponsored competitions.

Azenha de Maripa, a SW mare in endurance







Report your events and categories (owner, rider, breeder) by email to info@summerwindmarchadors.com within one month of completing the event with some proof of completion.    We will track the points and periodically publish updates on the standings.

Which Events Are Recognized?

We will accept any event, national, local or 4-H.  This is a list of what you might enter – the possibilities are endless.  (Look for all-breed, open or gaited events)

  • Barrel Racing

    La Paz Jivago, Big Sky Reining Competition with owner Rox Rogers
  • Combined Training
  • Competitive Trail Riding
  • Cutting
  • Dressage
  • Driving
  • Endurance
  • Reining
  • Ride and Tie
  • Roping
  • Team Penning
  • Working Cow Horse
  • Halter/Showmanship
  • Mounted Shooting/Archery
  • Hunter Pleasure/Hunter Hack
  • Extreme Cowboy
  • LeadlineOpen Gaited classes (2 or 3 gaited)
  • Miscellaneous (costume, liberty, etc)
  • Trail,  ACTHA
  • Western Pleasure/Bareback Pleasure
  • Baroque Dressage/Cowboy Dressage
  • Parades
  • Marchador Booths at Expos and Shows

    Seamus da Boa Fe, Fiesta of the Spanish Horse

Eligible Horses from SW

  1. Agustos do Great Lakes
  2. Amadeus do Summerwind
  3. Amethyst do Summerwind
  4. Artemis do Summerwind
  5. Atriz de Itajoana
  6. Azenha de Maripa
  7. Bacara do Summerwind
  8. Beethoven do Summerwind
  9. Belmiro de Sunset
  10. Boneca da Lusonatica
  11. Bossa Nova de Miami
  12. Brisa Libertas
  13. Brasilia do Summerwind
  14. Caboclo da Piedade
  15. Caetano-Veloso de Lazy T
  16. Caesar do Summerwind
  17. DaVinci do Summerwind
  18. Destiny do Summerwind
  19. Diego do Summerwind
  20. Fidalgo do Summerwind
  21. Isabelle do Great Lakes

    Amadeus do Summerwind with owner Kristy Everson, Festival of the Spanish Horse
  22. Nicholas do Great Lakes
  23. Koyote Libertas
  24. La Paz Jivago
  25. Samuel do Great Lakes
  26. Seamus da Boa Fe
  27. Siglioso do Rav
  28. Tigre do Summerwind
  29. Vedete de Itajoana
  30. Vicosa de Itajoana
  31. Violeiro de Itajoana



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