Ximoio’s Pedigree

For a copy of Ximoio’s pedigree,  please click on the link below:


 Ximoio de Maripa  PDF file



One measure of greatness is Brasil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions.  Parents and grandparents that are ELITE champions matter the most.  Further back in the pedigree, it becomes less of an indicator.

The ELITE book is not the only measure of quality however.   Some Marchador breeders prefer not to show their horses, but to prove them in other ways — like cavalgadas, sports, cattle and ranch work etc.     Also, until 2005, there were no classes at the shows for Marcha Picada horses.  Providencia Itu is a good example of this.  He is a pillar of the MM breed, but he is not listed in the ELITE book, probably because it was not yet created.

ELITE book Marchadors in Ximoio’s background:

Sire’s side:

  1. Laio de Maripa (sire)
  2. Rima Apogeu (grandsire)
  3. Abaiba Gim
  4. Abaiba Reserva
  5. Festa A.J. (granddam)
  6. Providencia Regente
  7. Providencia Tiroleza
  8. Abaiba Marengo
Dam’s side:
  1. Abaiba Nissei (dam)
  2. Abaiba Reserva (grandsire)

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