Tiziu de Maripa

Tiziu de Maripa, a son of Quinteto Pau d’Alho

Frozen semen donor – Agro Maripa, Brasil

Color: Grey

Breed: Mangalarga Marchador

Date of Birth: March 2006

Height: 154 cm or 15.1 Hands

Gait : Marcha Batida

Registered: ABCCMM registered and approved for Breeding



Tiziu will bring harmony to any mare

Agro Maripa has produced a genetic line of Mangalarga Marchadors that can best be described as sport horses.  Owned by Marcelo and Sophia Baptista de Oliveira, their breeding program is proven on long rides (calvagadas) and sporting events, not in the show ring.   Each individual horse is known and tested before the decision is made to use them as a breeding stallion.

Maripa horses were used to recreate a great historical adventure in 2004 of 9,000 miles on the Anhanguera trail in Brazil.  In March 2011, 2 Maripa stallions (both sons of Oma) were used in exhibitions at Equitana in Germany.   In May, with their Mangalarga Marchador horses in Europe,  Marcelo and Sophia flew to Spain and rode their 2 stallions on a long ride – 300km in 9 days – on the Camino de Santiago ending at Santiago de Compostela, a medieval cathedral.  (A pilgrimage trail called the way of St James).

Tiziu is a mix of Abaiba and Bela Cruz in his sire.  His mother is a daughter of Laio de Maripa, pure Abaiba blood.

Breed to Tiziu  for these results:

  • Beautiful head and expression
  • Excellent Conformation
  • First foal crop 2010 in Brazil
  • Size
  • Unique genetics from sire Quinteto do Pau d’Alho




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