Bossa Nova’s Pedigree

For a copy of Bossa Nova’s pedigree,  please click on the link below:

Bossa Nova Pedigree PDF File

One measure of greatness is Brazil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions.  Bossa Nova’s heritage includes one of the breed’s leading sires of all time – Herdade Cadillac.   Elite book horses show on the pedigree as MM-7 (Elite) or MM-8 (Super Elite).

Elite Book Horses in Bossa Nova’s immediate background:

  • Herdade Cadillac

The ELITE book is not the only measure of quality however.   Some Marchador breeders prefer not to show their horses, but to prove them in other ways — like cavalgadas, sports, cattle and ranch work etc.     Also, until 2005, there were no classes at the shows for Marcha Picada horses.

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