Carnaval Sao Lourenco

Owned in condominium in Brazil, Haras Avena is part of the partnership

Frozen Semen Only; Imported from Haras Avena, Brazil

Stud fee:  $1000 stud fee  (see contract for terms and conditions)      Plus: $400 per insemination dose                                                                    Date of Birth:  December 2001
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Gait: Marcha  Picada
Height: 15.1 H
Registry: ABCCMM, Approved for breeding

Carnaval Sao Lourenco

Breed to Carnaval for the marcha picada gait – the champagne gait of the Mangalaraga Marchador breed – and for the added bonus of a chance for tobiano.  (50% chance, as Carnaval is heterozygous tobiano)

Carnaval São Lourenço  is a good example of the Marchador breed standard, not only on his looks but also on his behavior and smooth gait.   Although a stallion, he is sweet, docile and easy tempered, a true pleasure to ride.  Carnaval is a favorite of the children who come visit the farm where he lived in Brazil.   Kids and adults can ride him and enjoy his smooth marcha picada gait.  He is a stunning horse to look at with his beautiful bay tobiano color, and he passes on his sweet behavior and good looks to his offspring.
Carnaval’s pedigree from the ABCCMM is “TAC”.    It means that he was inspected and approved by the ABCCMM to enter their registry when the registry was opened to some foundation bloodline farms like J.B) that had previously not registered all of their horses in the ABCCMM registry books.   His background is mostly J.B. with some Favacho.  Other lines like Tabatinga and Herdade are represented but not prominent.

In Brazil, many expensive stallions are owned in condominium and so it is with Carnaval.   We are lucky to represent his genetics here in North America.   In 2017, he was named among the top 3 picada producing stallions in Brazil.    In 2018, Carnaval was sold and retired from breeding, but not before he had sired over 200 foals in Brazil.

Click here for Carnaval’s pedigree. (coming soon)

Click here for Carnaval’s offspring. (coming in 2020)  Over 200 offspring in Brazil.

Click here for Carnaval’s DNA report – what he might pass on to his foals.


Haras Avena – Carnaval and his offspring are in there!