BR – Cachaca de Tres Coracoes

50% Shared ownership (Haras Tres Coracoes, MG, Brazil and Summerwind)

Competing in the ABCCMM Nacional Show, our condominium filly in Brazil Cachaca de Tres Coracoes
Competing in the ABCCMM Nacional Show, 18 months old, our condominium filly in Brazil Cachaca de Tres Coracoes

Color:  Buckskin
Markings: None
Breed: Mangalarga Marchador
Born: November  2012
Height: 14.2 Hands
Gait:   Marcha Batida
Registered: ABCCMM 


Click here to see her pedigree.


This may be the first international condominium of a Marchador in Brazil.  And while we love the Marchador breed and this particular filly, we also think it could be a great Business Investment.   The Brazilian Horse Market is very strong, much like the classic car collectors here in the U.S.

Fator da Cavaru-Reta, a champion Marchador, the son of Favacho Estanho, a multi-million dollar champion and proven producer of champions! Fator is the sire of Cachaca de Tres Coracoes.

Strikingly beautiful with expressive eyes, she is sweet and smooth, the daughter and grand-daughter of some of the most impressive Marchadors in the history of Brazil.   Cachaca’s half sister (same sire) won the National Title for best Marcha gait in 2014, increasing her value even more.

We hope to import some frozen embryos from her and also to sell them in Brazil.    If you are interested in reserving an embryo from her, please contact us.

10405883_532785693494620_590838216_nSHARED OWNERSHIP –  Get in on the ground floor!  We offer shares in our breeding stock – 25% -50%, including horses we own in Brazil like Cachaca.   As a shareholder, you get to participate in the joys of breeding, showing or promoting top Marchadors here or in Brazil at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.  It’s a great way to learn!   You can win at the Brazilian  Nationals!

You also have the rights to keep or sell your share of the products (embryos or foals) and the Brazilian horse market is very strong!


Look how smooth and how beautiful!