Nobre do Summerwind – offered for sale

Reserved as a Future Foal, the owners wanted a FILLY! It’s your lucky day to get a SW Future Foal already born! An excellent example of the Marchador breed from La Paz Jivago x Cassandra do MManor. He would be great as a gelding, but also as a breeding stallion. Excellent pedigree.

Nobre was born on June 14, 2019 to SW Future Foal @ Corpus Christi, Texas. Photos above are from birth until this week. Videos available on request. Nobre is fully registered with the USMMA, the North American Mangalarga Marchador Association and has started preliminary registration with the ABCCMM, the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador Association.

From Etalon DX, we know a lot about him more genetically too. He is a grulla which is rare here in the Marchador breed. “Nobre Do Summerwind has two Black alleles and no Red alleles, indicating the base coat color appears Black. One Dominant White 20 allele was detected which may result in White markings. He will pass Black 100% of the time to his offspring. The DNA was also tested on our discovery/validation platform for non-Dun Primitive Markings. Preliminary results indicate this horse is homozygous for non-Dun Primitive Markings (nd1/nd1) and may pass it to 100% of any offspring. “Nobre Do Summerwind has not tested positive for any recessive disease alleles on this panel.

aa, EE, nd1/nd1, W20/n, DMRT3/n Myostatin: Endurance Type.

We can share the entire report to interested buyers.

Owned by Elizabeth Sims and Randy Gassett, also SW Future Foal breeders, Nobre is offered for sale at $9,000. Payment plans and delivery are options available.. Available for shipment in January 2020 after weaning is complete. SW Future Foals are raised with natural horsemanship methods and come with a complete package of benefits for the new owner. We can also offer boarding and training options for the foal until you are ready to receive him.