SW Update – Beethoven do Summerwind – 2011 SW Awards Winner

Beethoven winning Reserve Grand Champion

The SW Award Program recognizes your efforts to promote the awesome Marchador breed using a SW Marchador (bred, sold or imported).   Getting our Marchadors in the spotlight – out into national or local all-breed events is not only fun, it helps others to see the quality, versatility and performance of the breed.   Any horse purchased from Summerwind, their foals or the product of a breeding from or to a Summerwind horse is eligible.

We couldn’t be happier that this year’s big winner was Laurie Klassen and Beethoven do Summerwind.  Read their story below and you will agree!

Congratulations, Laurie and Beethoven!  (cheers and tears of joy!)

Laurie’s Story

Beethoven winning the 2011 Summerwind Awards,is a “rags to riches” story in my eyes.

Beethoven learning to relax and trust again in Laurie's care.

Beethoven arrived at my farm 20 months ago, starved and extremely aggressive.  He had endured some hardship since he left Summerwind. I knew there were problems when I bought him,but as I purchased him sight unseen the magnitude of what I faced left me floundering.  2.5 on the Henneke body condition scale and a horse fighting for his life.

My endurance plans went up in smoke, I dug deep and settled in for the long road of rehabilitation.

Laurie and Beethoven at the All Breed Gaited Show



Fast forward 1 year, it’s May 2011. Ready to rock and roll and show my world what a Marchador is.  At each event Beethoven gained confidence, each new experience pushed me to try the next one.  My goal was to find out what Beethoven loved and along the way we had amazing experiences and won a few awards.  Our season culminated with Beethoven winning reserve grand champion in versatility at Western Canada’s largest all breed gaited show.

I am still struggling with some of the remaining starvation issues, who knew there were such long lasting effects? But I have hope that with time and consistency his mind and body will heal.

I really hope Beethoven approves of where his award money will be spent, towards a saddle purchased just for him.

  • Iberian Breed Demo.  June 11
  • Dressage/jumping camp. June 27- July 1
  • Inner city kids and horses day. (EAL )  July 13
  • Competitive Trail Challenge.   June 25 and July 23
  • Gaited clinic  Aug 12-14
  • Heritage Days Parade.  Aug 20
  • All Breed Gaited Show Sept 2-4

Beethoven taking a young rider on a wonderful Fall ride.

The above contains the formal planned part of our riding season.  We also participated in many trail rides,horse camping, ground and water training. (I believe he will need the services of a phycologist to totally rise above his water phobia 🙂 )  And we logged many miles endurance training,( btw Beethoven has a strong opinion about endurance…boring! ) and lastly, started him on cattle before winter came.

I also marvel that in late fall I was able to trust Beethoven to carry two teenaged, inexperienced riders on lovely fall rides.  They were thrilled with how sensible he was and, of course, how smooth.

The end

Laurie Klassen, SK, Canada, Owner of Beethoven do Summerwind

More about Beethoven:

Beethoven riding for his ABCCMM inspection at SW

Beethoven do Summerwind is the product of 2 of our finest imported Marchador horses: Azenha de Maripa and La Paz Jivago.  He was always a favorite around the barn with a Dennis the Menace kind of mischievous look to his eyes.   He left us at age three as a dream horse purchase.   And so it appeared to be, as we heard stories and got pictures of Beethoven happily being ridden in camp, playing soccer and bareback.   So, we were shocked when the new owner called and said she wanted to sell him.

Laurie Klassen had seen Beethoven in Scottsdale as a 2 year old and so when he became available for sale,  she took the plunge and bought her Marchador.   We were prepared to buy him back as well.

Beethoven - he always made me laugh!As a passionate MM breeder and a horse lover, I was shaken to the core the night that Laurie got Beethoven.  Expecting to hear happy news, I heard instead the dire news.  “I have just rescued a horse”, Laurie said.  “He might have been dead by spring.”  The pictures she sent made everyone who knew him cry.  After the initial shock, anger, frustration and the terrible realization that this happens to horses every day.    I just never wanted it to happen to SW horses – that is why the offer to buy them back is in my contracts and we make other efforts to try to ensure that our MMs will stay safe.

Laurie, is and always will be a hero in my book for taking on the problems that no one knew about, educating herself on how to solve them and nurturing a very good horse back to health.  She gave him a second chance, a new life and a wonderful family.  I am forever grateful and in her debt.

We are working on making Beethoven’s story into a children’s book.

Lynn Kelley, SW Future Foal @ Summerwind Marchadors



SW Update – Our start and our history!

SW Future Foal Fidalgo do Summerwind

SW Future Foals started up in 2011,  but our history with Mangalarga Marchadors goes back many years.   We bought our first Mangalarga Marchador in 2001 and started a business, Summerwind Marchadors in 2004, importing and breeding these magnificent animals.

But, more stringent C-Elisa testing made importing more difficult and costly, and we found that it was difficult for us to part with our wonderful foals after we got to know them!  So, in 2006, we became a private ranch, although we still dedicated huge efforts toward promoting the breed and working on importing frozen semen and frozen embryos from Brazil.   It has been a 4 year effort, but in April 2011, we were successful in bringing in frozen semen from 3 superb Mangalarga Marchador stallions!

Please join us in our new venture to introduce a magnificent and unspoiled breed, but if you want to know our past, you can read our story here.

the importers.summerwind

Lynn Kelley, early morning ride during a Brazil buying trip

SW Update – The Brazilian semen arrives!

Four years of effort – numerous trips to Brazil!

You may think in these days of AI and technology breeding, even cloning of animals, that this would have been easier.

However, in Brazil, each breed has its own rules, regulations and approvals required by the breed association and the Ministry of Agriculture.  For the Mangalarga Marchador, the Association did not allow breedings using frozen semen.   Their rules had to be changed.  Then the Ministry of Agriculture and the ABCCMM needed to work together to set up the guidelines for semen and embryo exportation.

Finally, the rules were changed in 2009.  In 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture approved a few equine reproduction centers as export centers for the Mangalarga Marchador.  When we met with breeders, the response for exportation was lukewarm.  They did not need to collect or freeze semen for their own use – it was an inconvenience.  The North American market was tiny, with only 200 horses, perhaps 80 breedable mares.   (The Brazilians do not believe in crossing out to other breeds – their passion is the Mangalarga Marchador!)

The Maripa Stallions

Then, over the internet, we meet Sophia and Marcelo Oliveira Baptista, from Agro Maripa.  We imported one of their mares, Azenha de Maripa in 2004.  Mr. Marcelo graciously agrees to be the PIONEER – to collect and ship frozen semen to us.

In 2010, the shipment is ready and sent to the U.S.  We were so excited, but that first effort fell short.  A paperwork error caused the USDA in Tennessee to deny entry to the U.S.  The semen tank had to be returned to Brazil.  With time clocks ticking, the liquid nitrogen charge did not last and the shipment was destroyed at the airport.

Miracles do happen!  Mr. Marcelo wanted to collect and ship again!  At 12 noon on April 12th, we met the FEDEX truck at Scottsdale Equine Reproductive Center!   And our new dream became reality!

John and Lynn Kelley meet the FedEx truck for the precious cargo!

Three stallions were exported in this historic package:   Oma de Maripa, Tiziu de Maripa and Ximoio de Maripa.  They are shown in our stallion pages.  Great representatives of the Mangalarga Marchador breed and reproducers in Brazil and now here in the U.S!




SW Update – Chanel de Miami 1996-2011





Chanel de Miami, pure Herdade bloodlines! The smoothest horse we ever rode.

In memory of our special Chanel:  She didn’t have enough time on earth, but we were happy to have shared it with her. Pure Herdade bloodlines, super beautiful, sweet and smooth. We will miss you until we die.


Chanel was a FOUNDATION Mangalarga Marchador mare, probably with the best picada gait we have ever ridden. The daughter of a champion Calciolandia mare, Verbena owned by the Guerra family. Other Verbena offspring were Folha da Calciolandia, MT, Batuque de Miami, CA and Feitico de Miami, FL. All were wonderfully smooth gaited horses. 

Chanel passed on her beauty and smooth gait to all her foals. Two remain with us now: John’s riding horse, Artemis do Summerwind and Enya do Summerwind, her orphan foal who we will keep. Caesar do Summerwind is in CA with Marli Wood and Destiny do Summerwind is in TX with Gayle Hamilton.

Enya do Summerwind carries on the regal lineage. Pictured with admirer Audrey Everson.

It is a great loss to us and also for the US Marchadors to lose such a good breeding mare. Her 2 daughters will carry on the Herdade genes.







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