Hermes do Summerwind – Call Today!

Hermes do Summerwind(code name, you would get to name the foal if you decide to reserve it.)   Due February 2013 in Arizona.

The product of Azenha de Maripa, imported MM mare and Ximoio de Maripa, still in Brasil. (click on their names to see their pages)  This will be Ximoio’s first foal in the U.S.!  The Marchador world will be watching this one – around the world.

This will be our sport horse Marchador foal in the true tradition of Agro Maripa!  Ground covering marcha batida!  Add the bonus of the most beautiful features in the head and neck.  Almost pure Abaiba bloodlines, this foal will be the one that people will stop to watch.  Before it is born, I am predicting it may be the most beautiful Marchador in America.

We believe there is no better way to create your next life partner than to raise it from birth. The bonding, training and fun are priceless!   We specialize in genetics and proven producers.

Reserve Hermes for  $15,000 or reserve the foal in condominium with SW Future Foal for $10,000.  We are interested in future foals or breeding rights in exchange for the reduction in price.  We offer payment plans too – we are interested in great, forever homes who want to be part of Marchador history!

Photos and Videos are of the parents, but here is what we expect from the pairing:

  • Beauty and elegance beyond compare, a presence – noticed wherever you go.
  • Very type-y head with large eyes, tipped in Marchador ears, silky mane.
  • Energy, athleticism and conformation that supports a performance sport like endurance, jumping, working equitation, or western dressage.
  • Expressive in movement, pure marcha batida (diagonal)
  • Sweet, submissive, willing personality
  • Grey