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Jewel do Summerwind, the Movie

Born at 3 p.m. on March 27th!   What a treasure!   A full sister to Gaia do Summerwind, we have another outstanding filly from Oma de Maripa (using imported frozen semen) and Brasilia do Summerwind.

Oma de Maripa has foals here in the US and we have more frozen semen to create again.
Oma de Maripa has foals here in the US and we have more frozen semen to create again.

Brasilia looks stunning and elegant again, just hours after she looked hot and slow carrying this big foal around!

Summerwind_Marchador_horse_10Jewel is a very TALL foal and her IGG results were off the charts (healthy).  We just know she will be great!

The Marchador is the ultimate Brazilian Saddle Horse.  With fewer than 300 horses here in North America, every foal is precious and welcomed.   We are fortunate to have frozen semen from several stallions from Agro Maripa in Brazil.   With their emphasis on genetics, their Marchadors are truly gaited sport horses with beauty and temperament guaranteed!

Arun is Coming! Arun is Coming!

Arun is coming!!! Arun is coming!!
Imported Marchador stallion Frozen Semen from Brasil!

SW Future Foal is arranging for shipment of frozen semen of 3 new Maripa stallions and Arun de Maripa is one of them!

Fole de Maripa

Expected before year-end are 2 sons of Favacho Diamante, Fole de Maripa and Arun de Maripa and senior stallion Stradivarius HO.  On our travels to Brasil, we have met and often rode all of these stallions, including the sire Favacho Diamante.

Favacho Diamante is an Elite Stallion and sire of many National Champions in Brazil.   His Favacho and Tabatinga bloodlines were crossed with the great Maripa bloodlines that are so famous for beauty, conformation and temperament.

Oma de Maripa and Arun de Maripa

Agro Maripa has been breeding Marchador horses for over 35 years.  His genetics are pure and traceable back to the 1800s.   His horses are top drawer, consistent and proven.   We admire Agro Maripa’s dedication (similar to  Raul Junquiera of  Tabatinga) to evaluate each horse for riding and for production.   His love, care and training of his animals is seen and admired by all.  For us, he provides a complete picture of horse partnership and a passionate promoter of the Marchador breed around the world.  To see more of Agro Maripa, here is his website  http://www.agromaripa.com.br

Carioca de Maripa, frozen semen available
Carioca de Maripa, frozen semen available

Carioca de Maripa is a son of Oma de Maripa (we have Oma’s semen too).  Carioca has been proving himself in performance classes and calvagadas in Brazil.   Great conformation and body, a younger version of Oma.

We will be adding new pages for each stallion with more information, photos and videos.  Check back soon.

Please contact us to reserve your breeding today either with these new stallions or our old favorites: Oma de Maripa, Ximoio de Maripa, La Paz Jivago and Talisma Kafe.

Remember frozen semen lasts forever.  Store some for future breedings!