Great Mangalarga Marchador stallions!

Click on the links for photos, videos, pedigrees and offspring.  Or we can help you decide amongst our options!

Frozen semen only:

  1. Arun de Maripa
  2. Fole de Maripa
  3. Hawke do Summerwind
  4. La Paz Jivago
  5. Oma de Maripa
  6. Talisma Kafe
  7. Ximoio de Maripa

We recommend buying a minimum of two insemination doses for greater success in breeding your mare!

Future Foal 2017 PRICE SHEET 

More added as we import more frozen semen from Brazil!

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The Marchador stallions we represent are permanently registered with the ABCCMM (the Brazilian MM association), having passed the Brazilian inspection and been approved for breeding.   Their offspring are eligible for dual registration with the ABCCMM and USMMA if your mare is also dual registered in both associations.

When we import semen, we select stallions that are proven genetic reproducers, who place their own significant stamp on their foals.   These stallions are either champions themselves or the sons and daughters of Brazilian champions who are registered in the ELITE book.   This impeccable quality is reflected in the pricing and ownership of these stallions – often owned in partnership, where one share can cost several hundred thousand dollars or they are not offered for sale.

With frozen semen, we have access to the best of the best!

Coming soon, new Summerwind stallions born here, will offer cooled semen, a great option when frozen semen is not suitable.