Future Foals – 2017/2018

Available for reservation NOW!  2017/2018 future foals!

  1. AZ – Kharisma do SummerwindGralha M.U.G. x Hawke do Summerwind.   $5,000 for a % of shared ownership.   Born October 2016, we will keep him a stallion until semen is collected and frozen in 2019.   Investor can share in frozen semen or fully acquire Kharisma  in 2019.
  2. AZ –  L1*** do Summerwind, expected March 2017!   Azenha de Maripa x Arun de Maripa .  $5,000 for a % of shared ownership.   Our first Arun foal!       Summerwind or Investor will retain this foal for breeding, whether it is male or female.
  3. AZ – L2*** do Summerwind, expected November 2017!  Reserve now for $9,000 full ownership.   Isabelle do Great Lakes x Talisma Kafe.   A repeat breeding and full sibling to barn favorite Jedi-Knight do Summerwind!   25% chance of blue roan; 25% chance for black; 25% chance for blue roan tobiano; 25% chance for black and white tobiano.   100% chance for wonderful!

We normally do not breed for a  FUTURE FOAL unless we have a reservation!   Don’t wait!  Please contact us if you are interested in either embryos or future foals for 2018!

Pricing Sheet for 2017

Each foal is priced individually.   Future Foals “do Summerwind”  start at $6,500 and go up from there.    Foals born from imported Brazilian semen are priced higher.   We work with you to customize the package including an interest-free, easy and affordable payment plan.

Talk with us about selecting your own combination to create your lifetime partner.

Our mares open for breeding in 2017 for a 2018 future foal:.

10% discount to past Summerwind and Future Foal customers.

Please visit mare and stallion pages for more information about the bloodlines and characteristics you can expect in the foals!  Or just contact us, and we will be happy to talk about our Marchadors!

Carioca de Maripa! A surprise shipment! Frozen semen from Agro Maripa!
Carioca de Maripa! A surprise shipment! Frozen semen from Agro Maripa!