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Winter Photos 2018 of SW Marchadors

Just in case you missed them on FB or Instagram!  Please click on the photo to view larger.

Mane Event March 30,31, April 1 2018!

The Mane Event Schedule is out!  Click the link to see what’s happening!

Will you be there?    Westworld, Scottsdale AZ!

The North American Mangalarga Marchador Association will be there in booth 1401.   We will be there doing demonstrations with the horses and talking about the breed in the breed pens.    You are welcome in the barns as well.

Meet the Marchador!  Mangalarga Marchador Horses that are coming:

  1. Caboclo da Piedade
  2. Eduardo do MManor
  3. Gabriela do Premier
  4. Gaia do Summerwind
  5. Igor do Lucero (AKA Nashville)
  6. Jedi-Knight do Summerwind
  7. Lendario das Aguas JM
  8. Seamus da Boa Fe
  9. Yansa InMotion

Meet the Marchador Breeders, Owners and Members!

  • From Alberta Canada – Sandy Dory, Bill Dory
  • From Brazil – Carlos Avena, Juliane Avena
  • From Arizona – Jeff Bosley, Michelle Bosley, Karen Livesay, Randy Conilogue, Phyllis Ley, Jack Shriber, Sandra Hull, Adrienne Scheck, Lynn Kelley, John Kelley, DJ Sims, Elizabeth Sims, Grady Willard, Leticia Ribeiro
  • From California – Alessandra Deerinck
  • From Colorado – Ronald and Nancy Knaack
  • From Florida – Laura Patterson Rosa
  • From Oklahoma – Rick Schatz
  • From Montana – Ken Hanson
  • From Texas – Cathy Pierce
  • From Wyoming – Rox Hicks

Celebrate the New Year with Marchador BLING!

Summerwind is offering Marchador Rhinestone T-Shirts!!!!  
 – sorry we are only offering a few options here to try this out!   The T-shirts are black.  May be short-sleeve or long-sleeve depending on your preference and/or my stock on-hand. if you want it immediately.
PLEASE EMAIL ME – FUTUREFOAL@GMAIL.COM to order and I will send a PAYPAL invoice.  

ITEM A.  Single line rhinestone saying – “My horse is Marchadorable!”   Still cute, but a little less bling, if you don’t like bling.
$20 plus $5.99 shipping and handling.
These shirts run small, so you may want to order a size larger.
Sizes are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large.

Item B  Double the rhinestones saying – “My horse is Marchadorable!” with the Summerwind Logo on the back.
The shirts run true to size.  $40 plus $5.99 shipping and handling
Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
Item C  The M brand logo shirt withe the Summerwind logo on the back.
The shirts run true to size.
$40 plus $5.99 shipping and handling.
Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
Based on the response and the orders, we may offer these via custom order so you can select the clothing and mix and match the designs in 2018!
Here are more photos!






2018 Marchador Calendar – Available now!

Three Summerwind and Future Foal Breeder Calendars to Choose from!

1.  Inspirational Marchadors and  Quotes    Oversized calendar with photos of beautiful Marchador horses, and the people who love them.

2. Summerwind and Future Foal Stallions – Oversized calendar of the Summerwind stallions we offer,  and also the ones where we are expecting to import frozen semen.

3.  Summerwind and Future Foal mares –  Oversized calendar of the mares in our breeding program.

Take a peek!   Check out more calendar photos in the album below.

Hang in the tack room or your office!    They do make great presents.    You can start ordering today.   Delivery usually takes about 1 week.

If you want multiple calendars, please contact me to get correct shipping –  I can ship two or three calendars for the same amount.

SPECIAL OFFER THIS YEAR – Take a calendar page for your Marchador!  Send me a photo and I will customize the calendar for you!

We hope you enjoy!

$25 plus shipping and handling 

Choose which version!

Some of the Marchador photos from the calendars!

Quote calendar

Stallion Calendar

Mare Calendar