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Brazil Trip 2017

We have plans to go to the National Show in July and to visit some Marchador horse breeding farms while we are there.   We go to learn more about the breed, the training, the genetics and the philosophies from the breeders and trainers there.   But, our goal is always to find and import new genetics to the U.S. for our continued improvement and diversity here.      Most often, this is by importing frozen semen.

So, even before we go, we can start the photo album of some of the Marchador horses and farms that we expect to see.

Welcome to the World – Leia do Summerwind!

Born April 1st, 2017, the much awaited and anticipated foal of Arun de Maripa x Azenha de Maripa, arrived.   And it’s a GIRL!  LEIA!   We are overjoyed!

A beautiful and correct filly, she is a pure Maripa, a bloodline is a mix of Abaiba, Bela Cruz and Herdade.   In the sire,  Arun de Maripa is also added Favacho and Tabatinga blood from his ELITE sire Favacho Diamante.  It is a wonderful blend!

Named Leia do Summerwind by the Future Foal breeders, Elizabeth and DJ Sims of Silver Stables Marchadors in Phoenix AZ.    They also own Jedi-Knight do Summerwind and now Leia, along with Gralha M.U.G.,  provide them the foundation for their breeding program and she stays part of the FUTURE FOAL network.

Arun de Maripa (imported frozen semen)  has sired one other filly in CA named Gemini do Dreamcatcher.

Azenha de Maripa has produced 4 offspring – in Canada, Beethoven do Summerwind (x La Paz Jivago), in AZ, Hawke do Summewind ( x Ximoio de Maripa),  in UT, Hemingway do Summerwind  (x La Paz Jivago) and now in AZ,  Leia do Summerwind (x Arun de Maripa.

Pictures of Leia from Day 1 to 2 weeks!  Enjoy!




L** foal do Summerwind is coming in November!

Interested in Owning or Investing in a Marchador?  L** foal do Summerwind is available for full or partial reservation now!  Often, our foals are sold before they are born.  If you are thinking about this  Future Foal, let us know!

For Full Ownership, reserve for $9,000 – payment plans available.    For investment or partial ownership, contact us for options that might work for you.

Thinking ahead!  To be born in AZ in November 2017, (Marchadors use real birthdays, not January 1!), this foal will be ready to go around May 2018.

A full sibling to Jedi-Knight do Summerwind, pictured here, this foal has a 25% chance of black or black tobiano (like his sire) or blue roan tobiano or blue roan (like his dam).   We expect this foal to mature at 15 hands and have a smooth gait.


Isabelle – IZZY!  is a 14.2H  blue roan mare, the daughter of 2 imported Marchador horses.   She is so beautiful with an exquisite head and look about her.   So much fun to ride! –  A Marcha batida gait that is both fast and smooth.   Lots of confidence that she passed on to her first foal Jedi-Knight.   We are expecting the same results in this baby.  To read more about Izzy and to see more photos, follow this link:   AZ – Isabelle do Great Lakes.

Talisma Kafe is the sire using imported frozen semen from Brazil.   Talisma has had 4 foals here in North America and all of them have been spectacular!    We are expecting the same here; it’s in his genes.   Talisma is the son of JB stallion Palhaco de Ituvavera, who produced so many Brazilian champions – Elo Kafe de Nova, Tiguaro Kafe are 2 of the top ones.   His name in the pedigree is gold.

Talisma is a stunning black and white tobiano stallion.  Sweet and gentle, he has a marcha picada or center gait.   His offspring is winning in the show ring in mostly marcha picada classes.    For more information and photos on Talisma, follow this link:  Talisma Kafe

2017 Import Dreams

2017 import  dreams – they would make for a Happy New Year!

We love the stallions in our frozen sperm bank – stallion in a box we call them!  They are producing quality foals with gait, beauty, and temperament.   Agro Maripa is one of the  foundations for our breeding program.

But, we have always said one of our goals was to add new bloodlines to increase and improve the genetic diversity here in North America.   Only about 70 horses were imported from Brazil to North America.   We need new blood to continue to grow the Mangalarga Marchador breed here.

ximoio2With our semen importation program, we have imported 5 stallions frozen semen.  They are producing great foals – Arun de Maripa, Fole de Maripa, Oma de Maripa, Talisma Kafe and Ximoio de Maripa.   In addition, we have our SW stallions here:  La Paz Jivago and Hawke do Summerwind (pure Maripa).   You can also check out their offspring if you click on the links for the stallions.

In 2017, we hope to add another 5 more to the breeding choices.

For the Bahia stallions, it’s been almost 5 years in the making.  Fingers crossed that we will be successful!   More details, photos and videos after we get the shipment here.

The 2017 Imports – Frozen Semen

13256449_802916409838989_918799556633697696_nBronze de Rio Grande  – New bloodlines: D2 and Serta





img_7420Carnaval Sao Lourenco – almost pure JB, with some Herdade and Tabatinga.





13254471_802916423172321_4761408694255159732_n-1Kamikaze E.A.O. – JB, Ogar and Abaiba blood.




13151734_1076845179058544_1701602392706162808_nVioleiro do Riomar – New bloodlines: Escandinha, Santa Lucia, Kitanda.   We rode this stallion in Bahia 5 years ago!  Lovely!