August Clinic? – Save the Dates

We are trying to book Alessandra Deerinck of Human Horse Sensing to come and  teach a one day clinic the weekend of August 12 and 13.   Save the dates if you are interested!

We are working on the details with the Summerwind and Future Foal group now.  The clinic will either be here at Summerwind Ranch in Pagosa Springs Colorado or at Silver Stables in Phoenix, AZ.

Cost for participating is $100.

Cost for auditing will be less, but is not known at this time.

“In a time and age when most of us keep horses by choice, not by need, Human Horse Sensing is dedicated to teaching people who want to interact with them in a way that horses would choose to participate freely.   Let us take you deeper than traditional training, and show you how to understand, learn, and play from your horse’s perspective.” — Alessandra Deerinck

You can find out more about Alessandra by reading the attached article or by visiting her website